Peter Borish

Peter Borish – President, Computer Trading Corporation

Since first starting his career at the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, Borish has been at the intersection of technology, financial markets and innovation.

The 1987 market crash coupled with his appointment to the Presidential Task Force on Market Mechanisms (Brady Commission) fostered his commitment to public policy and nonprofits.

After being recruited by Paul Tudor Jones, Borish helped build Tudor Investments into a leading global macro hedge fund. There, he led the firm’s investment in research, data and computing.

In addition to his hedge fund business, which he continues today at Computer Trading Corporation, Borish has been an angel investor in startup technology companies including Majestic Research, Quadriserv, OneChicago and Charitybuzz. His central thesis is bringing transparency to opaque markets and shares his philosophy that more information leads to better decisions. Mr. Borish is an independent director of RMB Funds where he is audit committee certified. He mentors young entrepreneurs as an advisory board member of ValueStream Ventures.

The intersection of poverty, policy and politics is the focus of Borish’s nonprofit interests. The Robin Hood Foundation, of which he is a founding trustee, brings rigorous metrics and data analysis to its effort to raise families out of poverty in New York City. Math for America, of which Borish chairs the audit committee, and is chaired by Jim Simons, is building a community of accomplished mathematics and science teachers. Borish is a trustee of the Institute of Financial Markets (IFM), which seeks to increase public awareness and understanding of the importance of financial markets and the financial service industry to the global economy.

In addition, Mr. Borish was recently appointed to the Market Risk Advisory Committee of the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC).

At the intersection of finance, early stage technology and nonprofits, Borish is uniquely positioned to track the spectrum of opportunities across the investment universe. As such, he regularly shares his expertise and appears on Bloomberg, YAHOO! and CNBC, to name a few.



Adam Hoffman

Adam Hoffman – Founder, WoodedPark Strategies LLC & AfterMathematics Solutions LLC

Adam Hoffman is currently the Chief Risk Officer of Ocean Solutions LLC, a specialized broker of both physical and financially settled commodities. He is also the founder of WoodedPark Strategies LLC, a risk consulting and implementation firm and AfterMathematics Solutions LLC, a unique risk analytics software firm specializing in beyond VaR stress-testing in the derivatives space. Adam has consulted with a number of institutional firms including Munich Re, where he helped build and optimize the firm’s proprietary electronic trading and risk management systems.

Adam has served as a Managing Director at Millennium Partners, where he led the Commodities High Frequency Trading team. Adam also worked as the Head of Algorithmic Platform Trading for the Royal Bank of Canada. Prior to this, Adam served as the Co-Head of NYMEX Natural Gas and Crude Oil Trading for Pacific Gas & Electric. Adam met David Martin in the 1990’s when they worked together trading the firm’s proprietary capital at Cooper Neff & Associates.

Adam is the author of numerous white papers on risk management and is frequently cited in national financial publications including Bloomberg BusinessWeek and Risk Magazine.

Adam holds a B.B.A. in Finance from the University of Texas at Austin.