• David Martin founded Martin Fund Management, LLC (“MFM”) in 2013, following a 22-year career as a proprietary futures and options trader at the New York Board of Trade and the New YorkMercantile Exchange.
  • Discretionary, relative-value futures and options strategies investing globally across futures markets including agriculture, energy and metals sectors.


  • Relative-value, spreads-based trade structures seek to take advantage of:
    • Directional and range-bound market environments
    • Mean reverting, spread dislocation opportunities
    • Momentum-driven market situations
  • Trade ideas are driven by a blend of:
    • analysis and evaluation of market behavior
    • understanding motivators of price movement
    • probabilistic statistical modeling and proprietary data sets
    • fundamental market analysis and information flow

Why Invest?

  • Uncorrelated, proprietary trade structures
  • Disciplined, multi-dimensional risk management
  • Pre-defined, per-trade risk/return profile
  • Agnostic to market direction
  • Low correlation, liquid asset classes
  • ‘Quant-a-mental’ investing style
  • Multi-manager portfolio diversifier
  • 5+ year track record
  • Positive performance since inception